Lancaster’s history for all ages!

The late 19th through the early 20th century marked a golden age for architecture in Lancaster City. This period saw the revival of several classic styles of architecture, including the Beaux Arts and Renaissance styles. Many areas of the city remain virtually unchanged since this period, while others have seen their historic buildings demolished in the name of progress and revitalization.

  • Bowman Technical School
  • Central Market
  • Charlie Wagner’s Café
  • City Hall (now Visitor’s Center)
  • Eastern Market
  • Fulton Opera House
  • Garvin’s Department Store
  • Groff & Wolf Men’s Clothing Store
  • Hager Brothers Department Store
  • Harold’s Furniture Store
  • Hotel Brunswick
  • Kirk Johnson Music Store
  • Pennsylvania Railroad Station
  • Post Office (now City Hall)
  • Saint James Episcopal Church
  • Shaub’s Clothing Store
  • Southern Market
  • Sprenger Brewery’s Excelsior Hall
  • Steinman Hardware
  • W. W. Griest Building
  • Watt & Shand Department Store
  • YWCA
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